Pool is open!

Total Eclipse Sites Available.
April 6th-9th 2024

  Golden Pond RV Park


   10:00AM To 5:00PM


        Office Hours

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Will be asked to leave at anytime if you can't follow the rules.
-We are not responsible for any personal injury, theft, or any damage to your property.
-All Guest are responsible for there campsites, All Belongings, Themselves, Children, and Pets. 
-We are a pet friendly park with leash law applied. No vicious Animals. Must pick up all pet droppings.
-Adults must walk large dogs so they don't escape.
-All belongings abandoned will be removed from property.
-No littering.
-No loud use of Vulgar, Violent, or Abusive language. (We are a Family Park)
-As we are a Family Park with lots of Children. No Sex Offenders!
-No illegal drug use.
-No swimming in Campground Pond.
-Boaters in our pond must rent our Fishing Boat.
-10:30 PM-6:00 AM Quite Time. No loud music during quite time.
-Check Out is at 11:00 AM.
-Check In is at Noon.

Hot Tub Rules:
No Life Guard Present
-Don't use if you have serious medical issues
-No Smoking or E-Cig
-Shower before use
-No food or drink in tub
-No children under 18. (Adults Only)
-No rough playing, swimming, or diving
-We don't soak in your toilet don't pee in our tub.
-Relax and have a good time.
Swimming Pool Rules:
No Life Guard Present
Pool is 50 inches deep
-All children must be supervised by parent or guardian
-keep gate closed
-No running or rough play
-No glass in pool area
-No cigarettes or cigars in pool area or deck
-No Diving
-All children under 56 inches tall need to wear life jacket if they can't swim!