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  Golden Pond RV Park


   10:00AM To 5:00PM


        Office Hours


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All nightly rates are good for 5 guest. $5.00 per night per extra guest

-Regular Price                       $35.00 Per Night

-Veterans Discount               $28.00 Per Night (20% Off)

-Passport                              We no longer take PA!!!

-Coast to Coast                    Points Based ($5 for 50 AMP) 

-AOR                                    $9.00 Per Night ($5 for 50 AMP)

-RPI                                      $10.00 Per Night ($5 for 50 AMP) 

Reducing 50 amp to 30 amp is not allowed due to wear to 30 amp breakers. No exceptions

Rates are good for 5 people. Extra Guest $5 each and Extra Nightly Campers are $10 each. No exceptions!

-Good Sams                         $31.00 Per Night

-Weekly                                $175.00 Weekly

-Monthly                               $450.00 Monthly 50 Amp (Tax Included)

-Monthly                               $400.00 Monthly 30 Amp (Tax Included)

-1 to 2 Months                      $500.00 per month during busy season

Monthly are not allowed to reduce 50 amp to 30 amp. No exceptions

Monthly rates are good for 2 guest and doesn't include premium sites

-Tent Camping                     $12.00 Per Night per tent  (No Discounts)

     (Rate on tents are for 4 people. $5 per extra person)

-Dump Tanks                       $10.00 for noncampers (Tax Included)

-Fishing Boat Rental            $15.00 Per Hour (Tax Included)

-10 Lb. Ice                            $1.50 (Tax Included)

Rates Do Not Include 10.5% State Sales Tax.

No Tax on monthly's.

Check out is at 11:00 AM

Check in is at Noon.

Propane Refill:

-20lbs Tank   $14.00 (Tax Included)

-30lbs Tank   $19.00 (Tax Included)

-40lbs Tank   $25.00 (Tax Included)

-100lbs Tank $62.00 (Tax Included)

Golden Pond RV Park Membership:


We cut out the Salesmen Fees!!!

Save thousands on camping!!!

-Classic Coast to Coast Membership one time payment of $1000.00   

No park Maintenance fee Ever!!! Only $100.95 To C2C each year after your first year. We cover your first year subscription to Coast to Coast.


     -Coast to Coast Classic Membership. Camp for just $10 per night at Coast to Coast Resorts up to 7 days per stay.

     -One time free 1 Week  Stay at Golden Pond, Stay in our park for only $10 per night 2 weeks in 7 Days out Unlimited. Year Round Fishing Privileges In Golden Pond RV Park. No Cancelation fee. Cancel anytime.

     -We also offer AOR and RPI for $300 each with purchase of Classic Membership.

Deluxe Membership
30% off
Save thousands on camping!!!
Make $200 per referral that buys a Deluxe Membership
$100 per referral that buys a Classic Membership.
We are striving to become a Premier C2C Resort.
We will upgrade our agreeable Deluxe Members  for free to Premier status 
once we become a Premier Resort. Member will be responsible for their C2C annual due. Deluxe Members receive one year free RPI and AOR! Transfer your C2C Membership to our park and never pay maintenance fees again.
Coast To Coast Deluxe Membership:
No annual Home Park Maintenance Fee Ever!!! We cut out all the Salesmen Fees!!!
Member Benefits Include:
    1.Coast to Coast Deluxe:
Camp for as low as $10.00 worth of points per night at Coast to Coast Resorts up to two weeks for each stay.

Condo Vacation Getaways- Accommodations at hundreds of worldwide resorts

Coast Travel Services- Full Service Travel Organization that offers deals on Hotels, Cruises, and Vacation Packages

Travel Concierge- Personnel Recommendations for Transportation and Accommodations

Discounted RV camping at Hundreds of Resorts- Unlimited stays of up to 14 days at Classic, Deluxe, & Premier Resorts.

Rental Accommodations at Resorts- Save up to 50% off of rental accommodations at affiliated resorts.

On-line Trip routing

Family and Friend Benefits

Receive one year free of RPI and AOR. Member is responsible for yearly dues to RPI and AOR if they choose to keep membership.



Lifetime Deluxe Membership for Sale at 30% off $2000.00. Normal price $3000.00

Responsible for annual membership dues to Coast to Coast Deluxe 150.95, after first year. We cover your first year subscription to Coast to Coast. 


Home Resort is Golden Pond RV Park: 

$10 per night stay unlimited at Golden Pond RV Park. (Does not include tax.)

Monthly $300 per month. (Does not include tax.)

Annual home park maintenance Fee is ZERO!!!

Annual Coast To Coast Fee is $150.95

No Cancelation fee
Cancel anytime

  -We also offer AOR and RPI for $300 each with purchase of Classic Membership.

  -Transfer your existing Deluxe or Classic C2C Membership or AOR and RPI to our park for $1000.00 and never pay maintenance fees ever again.  We will upgrade your Classic to Deluxe free of charge with your permission. Member will be responsible for yearly dues to Coast to Coast, RPI, and/or AOR.